How to arrange the trip of transit in Hong Kong for half a day ?

Half a day in Hong Kong, you have enough around a circle and Kowloon main landmark attractions, if is the first time to come to Hong Kong,  I can refer to the following strategy to operate:
First of all, after arriving at the Hong Kong international airport, with your valid passport and ticket, you leave Hong Kong to apply for Hong Kong’s transit visa for free.
After arriving at the customs, go to the right, the entry and exit are Hong Kong residents level on a flight from Italy to Hong Kong, the stewardess will send Hong Kong entry card, please get and completed in advance and go through so you can save a lot of time.
Hong Kong customs after review of your passport and ticket, give you a piece of paper card, stay in Hong Kong is very small, in your passport, travel to don’t lost, and then you can entry to Hong Kong.
Suggest you use or Hong Kong island, Kowloon, Hong Kong airport fast road line to, because this is the most convenient and quick, less than 20 minutes can arrive at Hong Kong island, Kowloon, is the most save for your time; In addition, must be at the counter of the airport fast road line to buy the round-trip ticket, because the same day return ticket price and one-way airport fast road line is the same! To Kowloon from hk $90 to hk $100 in Hong Kong, but the round-trip ticket and a single ticket is not the same, so you have to buy at the counter! So your round-trip transportation cost is not taller than take airport shuttle bus + underground, but high efficiency for several times!
transit in Hong Kong
Suggestions to the Kowloon station first, then there is a free shuttle bus to Kowloon, in every region of the please take K2 line, so that we can easily free arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui, the car will be parked at the Marco Polo hotel, which is near the harbour city, and then you can buy buy buy there. After to see the lighthouse, Tsim Sha Tsui, amorous feelings of the heart, finally take the star ferry, shore to Hong Kong!
Arrived in Hong Kong, then whatever you across central, visit, shopping, eating, time is totally enough!
After visiting Hong Kong, as long as you return flight departure time back to two and a half hours in advance of the Hong Kong airport fast road line, can return to Hong Kong international airport, 20 minutes and then had to go through security check, boarding to the boarding gate waiting for you back home.
Because I often in Hong Kong for transit, quite familiar with these, each time to the harbour to eat delicious, buy all kinds of snacks back egg tarts biscuits and send a friend!
My special wish for you in Hong Kong transit smoothly, a pleasant journey!

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