Which country is better to travel when go to Europe for Christmas in Winter?

Northern winter is cold, and snow is very thick. The arctic is a polar night near Christmas, most parts of northern Europe no hours day by day is bright and even inside the Arctic Circle is black all day, personal advice still ruled out, although the aurora what see very romance is very good, but I don’t have a few hours day and night dawn also pretty bad, go to Europe for the first time still ruled out first, and I always feel to northern Europe was too cold in winter, after all, so many places near the Arctic Circle.
Natural scenery to Europe in winter is not so charming, still winter there winter scenery. Going skiing in Switzerland is good, but I think unless skiers that forget it, more than one thousand hurt accidentally hitting unhappy, I would recommend the summer go to see the natural scenery, such as Norway, Switzerland.

Winter if must choose Europe, is actually I preferred the humanities arts and indoor swim not so cold (museum) in Paris, France.
I go to Paris, although there is no winter the spring that spring is bright, but typical Europe type style is a charming city, arts and humanities trip is good also, and it’s romantic. Versailles, the Louvre, the champs Elysees is not to be missed. Champs Elysees and Christmas period or decorate very beautiful, is worth a look at to Galeries Lafayette, Paris spring check for Christmas sale. France’s nice I don’t recommend, south method or slant cold winter, also does not have the feeling of summer, the blue coast only in Paris.
A man walks on a snow covered bridge in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tuesday Jan. 15, 2013. Snow covered central Netherlands with a 5-6 centimeter (2 inch) layer of snow causing a record 1003 kilometers (626 miles) of traffic jams. (AP Photo/Margriet Faber)
Southern Europe extent in Europe is good also, of course, the winter will have a lot of people go on holiday to the south of northern Europe, but I think the weather or partial cold blowing sea breeze under the sea will be very regret, if is really like warm beach, so it is better to go to southeast Asia, consumption is much cheaper than in southern Europe, is so beautiful and warm. Southern Europe still leaving autumn, September, October would be better. But although not the sea, nor cold, is a choice. Can choose in the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece.
Basically is to see your time to arrange, because you did not specify how long. Paris generally need a week to travel, if your trip more than a week, can consider to add the southern European countries, such as what I recommend.

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