Thailand Travel Tips : Things To Do And Not To Do In Thailand

Climate:Thailand is a tropical climate, annual average temperature of 28.7 ℃, the four seasons like summer, simple, divided into the year only during the rainy season (from June to October) and dry season (November to next April)

The annual average temperature is high, but it is recommended that you carry a light thin coat, in case the chill in the air conditioning room and mountains.

Customs (Things To Do And Not To Do In Thailand):

Thailand had some social and cultural differences, it is necessary to know some of the local customs and habits, so as not to offend the locals, provoke more influence kid around ska unnecessary trouble.

Thai people believe that everyone has elves, the head is touching someone or to hand waving above his head, will make the dark elves light there is no god, so be sure to keep in mind not to touch the head of the Thai people.

Not to refer to objects with their feet, Thai people think the foot is the dirtiest place, therefore to toes items and fruits are disrespectful.

Thai Buddhist countries, man must become practice, so in Thailand during the travel, you can be common to Thai monks, women do not touch the monk of the body, otherwise he will destroy many years practice.

Thailand traffic driving on the left, in contrast to Taiwan, please pay attention to the right before crossing the road shopping to see on the left.

Water do not drink.

Thailand’s most hotel does not provide personal necessities such as a toothbrush, toothpaste commends it to factors such as personal hygiene, please be sure to pack in personal luggage, carrying on its own.

Vegetarian sweet little hands: on the basis of different customs, vegetarian ingredients and habits are different from country to country. In addition to the overseas Chinese open Chinese restaurant, most of all is given priority to with vegetables, tofu, such as feed material. If use buffet for hotel or amusement park zone, also most with lettuce, with rice or noodles kind of staple food such as fruit. Advising vegetarian guests such as travel to southeast Asia, please prepare vegetarian food cans or instant noodles, etc., for a rainy day.

Thailand festival:

02 – on FoJie

April 6 – dynasty created the anniversary

April 8 – Buddha’s birthday (lunar calendar)

April 13 – Thai New Year

May 1 – May Day

May 05, began to reign

August 12 – the queen at the beginning of the birth of Buddha law

On December 10 – constitutional anniversary

December 31, New Year’s eve

Emergency contact:

Emergency telephone: tourist emergency events can call tourist police: 6521721-6

Passengers entering Thailand customs guidelines:

Thailand tourism bureau office in Taipei due to recent consumers go to Thailand tourism because did not understand the immigration rules, carrying alcohol, tobacco, beyond the scope of duty-free and accidentally touch regulations, fined events, in order to avoid similar events happen again, now the Thai customs regulations stated below:

Generally prohibits and control projects:

Drugs harm prevention regulations listed drugs such as heroin, morphine, opium, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, etc.).

Counterfeit or contraband.

Buddha statues, crafts and antiques.

Arms, ammunition, knives, explosives and so on.

Plants and animals.

Pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Telecom products.

Cigarettes, cigars, and alcohol.

Entry into Thailand, tourists can carry items its tax scope, to meet the needs of a personally reasonable scope is as follows:

Personal or professional use, worth no more than 10000 baht.

Alcohol must not exceed 1 liter (1000 mg). Any alcohol ingredient, whether solid or liquid or will become after mediating alcohol composition of the material.

Class including smoke cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, whether smoking, chewing, a cigarette cannot exceed 200 (10), cigars, tobacco cannot be more than 500 g or shall not exceed the total weight of 500 grams, in violation of regulations will impose heavy fines, please cooperate to abide by.


Alcohol and cigarettes are controlled items, if carry passengers more than the amount specified above and unable to show proof of legal permission, can carry items will have to report and be confiscated, and harsh penalties.

The same group if you would like to buy cigarettes or wine, should be within the prescribed amount, each purchase and obtain a receipt with immigration, do not to the same person.

Thai customs and internal revenue service personnel in the airport or airport is right according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in each corner in the airport, such as Thailand found suspects all can put forward to check, whether through or not.

Thailand airport duty-free shops have been told, we are barred from stocking any amount of alcohol, tobacco, beyond the customs regulations to passengers, but if you buy from Taiwan airport to bring in Thailand, please be careful not to exceed the number of the customs regulations.

Passengers should be asked before we start, the manager of the travel industry or immigration rules in Thailand, and pay attention to the plane’s radio message, lest touch method was sent off.

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