Important Hong Kong Travel Tips And Guides You Must Know Before The Trip

Cantonese and English is the official language in Hong Kong. Cantonese is the most common dialect, at present the most citizens can also speak English and mandarin Chinese), especially the shops, restaurants and tourism practitioners.


Currency unit for the Hong Kong dollar (HK $), in Banks, hotels or store all convertible foreign currency exchange and traveler’s checks. Generally speaking, the bank rate is higher.

Terms of payment and tip:

Major credit card is accepted in Hong Kong, but check out cash or will be cheaper. In addition to the fast-food restaurants, most of the hotels and restaurants will be charged a 10% service charge, as to the taxi driver, hotel waiter tip without rules, on the attitude, as appropriate, to give their services.

The voltage of 220 v voltage: Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is in the subtropical zone, are warm and pleasant and Taipei.

Hong Kong Airport transfer:

Airport express, such as the airport shuttle bus service.

Urban traffic service: Hong Kong’s transport system is very convenient, fast if you can avoid busy time (8 PM to 10 PM, 5 PM to 7 PM) is better. Subway (five lines linking Hong Kong district, Tsuen wan line, Kwun tong line, island line, tung Chung line, Tseung Kwan o-line), KCRC), buses, bus and minibus (public light buses, trams unique transportation (Hong Kong), taxi (taxi), the peak tram (aboard the Victoria peak), the star ferry. Other ferry services.

Commonly used the phone number (area number + 852) : the fire alarm, report, emergency phone Numbers 999, Hong Kong tourism board tourism hotline (multilingual) 2508-1234, Taiwan agent in Hong Kong China travel service telephone: 8315 8315.

If you would like to query about the application of fast online certificate program and application form the personal data collected, including access to and correction of personal data by means of can be put forward to the following persons: tell people it has 7 roads, Wanchai, Hong Kong; 6th floor of visitors immigration department immigration building group of Taiwan residents to Hong Kong tour group senior director of immigration. Telephone: (852) 852. Fax: (852) 2824-1161.

The airport to downtown and inland transfer:

Take a bus shuttle:

Please take car rolled to A lobby or front lobby B bus A16 or B16 counter for boarding formalities, every half an hour shifts 08:00 ~ 30, directly to the hotel, A car is stopped with area between 1 ~ 8 hotel, an average of about an hour or so can be arrived at the hotel.

Take airport express line:

Service time 05:50 ~ 01:15 (the last flight from Hong Kong and the airport station open the train time is 12 o ‘clock in the morning of 40 points) every 10 minutes. The airport express train from the airport to Hong Kong, only 23 minutes. More passengers can be in Hong Kong and Kowloon station early check in and enjoy free baggage transport services; The day before departure passengers can be set out in the latest baggage to register formalities to 90 minutes before the aircraft departure. Hong Kong and Kowloon station have shuttle bus service, passengers to and from the station and the hotel for free.

Inland ship class service:

Road transport hub, a boat and went to Shenzhen passenger can transhipment is (not through) from the airport to Shenzhen, have ship out regularly by the airport, to destinations including Shenzhen, Fuyong and Shekou) and so on. If you would like to know about the details of the route, please contact management institutions. Passengers please keep in mind, boarded the ship to mainland tourism before, must be ready for valid travel documents.

The new tax breaks (will take effect on August 1, 2010)

Drinking alcohol:

Every passenger, at the age of 18 can be exempt carry 1 liter at 20 degrees Celsius temperature measure the alcohol concentration

To gauge more than 30% of drinking alcohol into Hong Kong, for their personal use. A Hong Kong identity card of the passenger, you must leave port above can enjoy the exemption amount not less than 24 hours.

Tobacco every passenger, at the age of 18 can be exempt carry the following tobacco products in Hong Kong, for their personal use: 19 cigarettes; Or 1 cigars, such as more than 1 cigars, total weight is not more than 25 g; 25 g or other manufactured tobacco.

Not for trade, business or commercial use of any trade, business or commercial use of tax should be no tax breaks. Passengers are required to carry the goods such as:

Do use the red channel; Declare at customs agents with the aim of this article such as; And to submit the customs declaration of customs and excise.

Nurture passengers such as failure to observe the cap. 109 sub. Leg. The relevant provisions of the regulations on the tax should be the product, but by the prosecution or a fine.


Entry passengers as there is the tube more than the number of duty-free tax should be not to declare to the customs personnel, or make a false or incomplete declaration, may be liable to prosecution. Hong Kong customs according to the tax should be goods ordinance cap. 109 Hong Kong chapter, to violate compasses passengers could not make a price the arrangement of the prosecution, apply the following penalties: has not the kinds of crimes prosecutions.

A tube being tax items, should be no tax should be goods to declare or make a false or incomplete reporting to carry the embargo/controlled items entry passengers impose a penalty, will depend on regulatory import and export of the legislation of this kind of goods.

Emergency treatment and the handling of the accident:

1.Immediately to the nearest police report, report to prove.

2.Lost contact Chinese unit, need to inform the passport information (name, date of birth, number, the most important thing for the signature of the return number).

3.Treat people to take pictures (or the leader ready before departure member photos).

4.Withdraw your passport back, waiting for the ministry of foreign affairs and to their appointed places. General operation time need three days, but there are exceptions to ahead of time.

5.If time will return or urgent, evidence of report and the leader had prepared passport information, request the immigration and customs clearance (is different from all over the world, is not always work). The domestic part please his family the loss of identity card or other documents transfer to the airport to him.

6.Missing documents: the visa

(1) Report immediately and report to prove.

(2) The team leader in a variety of ways to search out the visa approval number, the location of the approval and the date. (in some countries visa team leader a standby can be photocopied).

(3) As the case may be, if you can in the host country to apply for, or to a country to apply for, or one of its lost visa are by land in or fly into? Such as overland to recruit more easily, but the lead to one thousand was found out the legal liability of burden.

(4) Seek ways to lead the guest group, such as proxy surety for a travel agency, please seek the feasibility of the visa, all other documents show, show lost visa is the group’s members.

7.Lost ticket:

(1)To subordinate to the local airlines lost, by the TELEX to the airlines confirmed of make out an invoice.

(2) fill in “the LOST TICKET REFUND APPLICATION AND IDEMNITY AGREEMENT” form, AND the first to buy an airline TICKET to indicated in the table, in order to apply for a REFUND of the proof in the future.

(3)As for the loss of the whole group tickets first obtain the permission of the original carriers of make out an invoice, developed a ticket yet again, the leader without payment.

(4)Returned home after 4. Hints of the form and then buy the ticket stub and passport information to the original carriers of make out an invoice to apply for a refund.

Hong Kong and Macao will have the status of the deposit check in a hotel:

Hotel, Hong Kong and Macau in passenger check-in the check in procedure, to the passengers for every room in the deposit, you can use a credit card of action, this section please rest assured, the hotel will not do please action. Also remind you that can take your credit card when going abroad. (if you don’t have to carry a credit card, the hotel will charge you a cash (different amount of each hotel), and return them to you during the check-out)

Note: remind you, leave the hotel, be sure to reconfirm the hotel have canceled or get cash card list.

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