10 Tips to Keep Reminder Before Travel To Southeast Asia

Tip 1:Before traveling to foreign countries, draw up a list, write to bring something, and then according to the figure index, can avoid temporary hectic before departure. If you plan to travel to Southeast Asia abroad, don’t forget there will always be in the summer. You must not forget to bring summer clothes and umbrella. Many of us lived in the domestic hotel, think that foreign hotel what all have, don’t have to prepare, it would be wrong. In South-east Asia, most restaurants are not prepared toothbrush and slippers for you no matter how high-grade it is. If you forgot to bring the little things, you will make you very embarrassed.
Tip 2:Take the necessary drugs. To travel abroad you need to bring some of the essential medicines, is a clever way, because nobody can guarantee if you do not sick in your trip? Once the body is unwell, small medicine can save in hurry.
Tip 3:Understand foreign customs and rules. Thailand’s child’s head shall not be touched, and India’s kid you not carry in your arm. As the rules of the foreign country, at the time of national tourism to people, you really should also understand some. Otherwise, somebody else will not blame you because you are foreigners. Before went to Thailand, for example, you must understand that some of the customs, into the temple to take off their shoes, lady see monks need to give way, visit the grand palace ladies can’t wear the short skirt and sandals. People with bad health habits must be careful, spit or litter in the streets of Singapore, a high fine will give you a larger head.

10 Tips You Should Know Before Travel To Southeast Asia
Tip 4:Take a hotel card. To travel abroad, in the different language of the country, as long as you get to the hotel, you should first take a hotel card at the reception desk. Although a small card, use a lot. The card with the hotel’s address, telephone number, you can look for the drivers, will head off immediately. Once the guests in Thailand, don’t take the card still can’t find the hotel in the middle of the night, finally with sad let the police car send back. Therefore, taking the card is the small thing, but can guarantee your travel abroad smoothly.
Tip 5:Understand the payment situation of the hotel room. What the hotel room is available, what is not available, you need to please say hello to help guide. Saw some TV program is to pay in the room, the things in refrigerator most also need to pay. The hotel room of Southeast Asia generally no hot water, there are two bottles of mineral water in the refrigerator can be used to quench thirst. If you don’t know it, it is a waste.
Tip 6:Valuables storage safe at the reception center. When you go out and left have valuables, it is safer to left valuables in the hotel reception center than the insurance in the room. Generally, the hotel reception center has the safe, free for the guest to store valuables. One key is kept by the hotel, and another is kept by yourself. By the way, many foreign hotel has a regulation that if you lost your valuables in your room, they are not responsible for compensation.

Tip 7:Be careful when shopping. Fake and inferior products not only Chinese have that, but also you will encounter such things in some Southeast Asian countries. The choices of buying gold and silver bracelet, gem products higher-value goods, you will not only listen to merchants who say they can back in commitment. You must buy them after clear consideration, because help the guests to return for a few back to still do wrong case, a number of travel agencies are met such things.

Travel To Southeast Asia

Tip 8:Carry some money with you any time. Go shopping alone in a foreign country, you have the money must be moderate. Because most visitors are not taken by credit card, traveler’s checks, such as means of payment, they love to carry large amounts of cash, so some robbers special loot tourists abroad. Without a cent with me also is bad, bad city public security in the United States, for safe, no matter how you better bring $20 on yourself, cause it may save your life.
Tip 9: Choosing a good service reputation abroad travel agency is very important. Traveling abroad, you always choose travel agency team to travel abroad, and look for a good service quality of travel agency is the crucial question.
Tip 10: Don’t forget the passport and plan ticket. In a team to travel abroad, the leader in other countries will help you keep the passport. But in Hong Kong, the officer may check the passport in the street, so you still need to save the passport with you. The ticket also must be properly kept. If you rushed to the airport and suddenly found you didn’t bring the ticket, I’m afraid you won’t laugh out.

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